Monday, July 28, 2014


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Listerine. All opinions are 100% mine.

It may not make sense why I'm posting about mouthwash on a primarily decorating blog, but with a bottle is this cute, how could I refuse?  Chevron, blue, green...just a few of my favorite things making an everyday necessity a little more fun!

As of July 13, Target started carrying this exclusive new design packaging for Listerine bottles in 4 refreshing flavors... Cool Mint, Fresh Mint, Arctic Mint, and Fresh Citrus. I'm using the Arctic Mint, and loving the taste.  It's strong enough that I know it's working, yet it's not so powerful that my mouth feels like it's on fire.  ;)

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As of this week, we have a braces-wearing-kid, and I'm looking for every tool possible to make it easier for him to keep his teeth and gums healthy.  It's reassuring to know that with Listerine I'm choosing the #1 brand recommended by dentists!  Speaking of the kids, although there are register marks inside the lid for the amount to use, I used a Sharpie to mark that line a little more clearly for them so I know they're getting just the right amount.

Normally I keep health and beauty products stashed out of site in the bathroom, but these new designs are too pretty to keep behind closed doors.  To keep high-use items at my fingertips while still looking pretty,  I like to keep them in pretty containers, like these thrifted milk glass goblets. Also, for years and years I've kept a cake pedestal on my bathroom counter for perfumes, loose jewelry, etc.  I think it adds an extra little sparkle and helps keep the counter clear and tidy.

What do you think your favorite flavor would be?  The citrus sounds intriguing to me, but I most often stick with good old mint!  So, the next time you're in Target (and I know you all are, often!), don't forget to look for the stylish new packaging.  And if you're a savvy shopper, Save Now with Target Cartwheel!  These designs are only available for a limited time, but wouldn't they be fun to stock up on and use for stocking stuffers?

**This is a sponsored post, but all words and opinions are mine.  I am very picky about the products I choose to share with you, and only select those that I truly approve of and think you will like too!  

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Friday, July 25, 2014


I apologize for my tardiness in posting today, but just popping in to let you know that this month quickly got away from us, and we're postponing the Best of the Nest party until next Friday.  So, good news, you have one more week to get those fabulous projects posted!

The summer heat has finally become oppressive here, so we're trying to beat it by hitting the bowling alley this afternoon.  Wish me luck...the kids are pretty tough opponents!  I'm also fluffing a bit this weekend in between basketball games, adding in some summer (since it's half-way over).

See you back here next Friday, August 1, to link up.  Do you have any fun weekend plans?

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Anyone who is reading today who is also a blogger totally understands when I say that one of the best things about blogging is meeting and establishing a connection with new friends.  Especially when you have a chance to meet those friends in real life!

Lisa is one of those friends for me.  She's a fellow ministry (pastor's) wife who stumbled across my blog a while back.  She reached out and contacted me and we've enjoyed an e-mail friendship ever since.  It was a happy day last March when we had the privilege of meeting her family and spending a little bit of time together at their church (which was so much fun and inspiring!).  Since I had already been following her on Instagram, I knew she was in the middle of a fantastic project, which we chatted a little bit about that evening.

After our time together was over, I anxiously kept an eye out for her to post her finished project, and when she did, it took my breath away!  Lisa graciously allowed me to share it with you today, too...I knew you all would love it as much as I do!  So here's the result of many hours, many hands working together, and lots of muscle and patience!

Can you even believe it?  Is that not one of the most amazing feature walls you've ever seen?!?

Lisa also kindly offered to share a description of the process to create this wall, so here's what she said:

I consider myself a "crafter" and minor home "DIY" participant, so when I got an idea on Pinterest for a Wood Disc wall, I knew I would need some help in making it happen.  I gathered my idea possibilities and recruited a friend who is skilled with tools and we went to work.

1.  Get logs that are varied in size and discarded in the woods.  Ours came from East Texas when a forester discarded some pieces. We used Pine and Oak because I liked the look.

2.  Set up saw horses or a platform to cut the logs with a Miter/Chop saw (14", I definitely had to have help with this).  A chain saw can be used for smaller pieces but doesn't work evenly on larger ones.

3.  Dip wood in a bucket of sealer.  We used Polycrylic.  This keeps wood from being invaded by insects and keeps the color consistent.

4.  Allow wood to dry propped up.  We got hasty and hung some that were wet and it was fine, but watch for drips on your patio.  This sealer is water based, so it will wash up but can be a hassle.

5.  Hang 3/4" pre-painted treated plywood backer on stucco wall, secured using 2 1/2" screws. Wood discs will mount more easily to the plywood.

6.  Nail wood discs to wall starting at the floor and moving up.  We had 5 distinct sections and did a section at a time.  We used a nail gun for speed, with18 gauge 2" nails.  I highly recommend this as it makes the project go more quickly.

7.  Fill in gaps with smaller pieces as desired.

Lessons learned:

You need more wood than you think.  If you work in stages you can prepare the wood and let it cure.  We worked quickly and the wood shrunk, leaving gaps in between.  It doesn't bother me but my friend would still like to rework the pieces.  Since we painted the plywood dark underneath the gaps aren't an eyesore.

* * * * * * * * * * 

Lisa, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful patio with us, and thanks to EJ for the wonderful photos!  If you all have questions, leave them in the comments and I'll see if Lisa can try to reply there with answers.

My one and only attempt at a project like this was very short lived (bugs!), but I've had a wood disc project in mind for some time.  Maybe some day I'll get around to it!

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