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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I've recently mentioned that I'd be posting a summer house tour soon, and I'm afraid I over-shot that a bit. Consider this more of a "here's a few summer decorations I put out" post.  :)  Since summer is well on it's way, I focused on the living room and entry and called it a day.

For the entry, I left the giant clam shell but removed the orchid arrangement and added a live fern.

When I realized the pot was visible, I scrounged around for something to cover it, and my disco ball ornaments did the trick.  Disco balls truly are for every season!  (See mine used in Fall hereChristmas here, and my big mama ball here!)

I'm certain that this is my favorite summer vignette ever...natural, simple, shiny, and green.

Moving on to the new sofa table, a few weeks ago I showed you 3 ways that I styled it, but here's where the accessories have landed for summer.

This little crab door knocker is my favorite summer accessory.  He was a thrifted find and is missing a leg, I guess someone got hungry.  ;)

My instagram friends saw my new purchase a few weeks ago, but here is my new loveseat in it's home!  I sold the big red chair to a sweet reader for her vacation home, and came across this one at Dillard's for a steal.  I love the lines, and the pillows are hiding a few tufts in the back.

Now let's just talk about those pillows for a minute... my sewing machine was humming last weekend as I made a few new sets for summer.  I've had the spotted Togo fabric for probably a year and made some stockings out of it at Christmas, but that left me without enough for the pillow backs.  So, I used a stripe on the back.  Turned out ok by me!

**Sneak peek at a looming project in the background...we hope to tackle the ceiling first this weekend!

I also made a pair of these pretties thanks to a little help from my friends.  Bethany taught me how to use my sewing machine to do monograms, and Emily found this fabulous fabric and shared the source with me.  It's metallic DENIM, and it's off the bolt at Hancock's!  It's slightly stretchy and such a nice weight.  You MUST see how Emily used it in her home for the backs of the shelves in her Butler's Pantry...gorgeous!

Ok, pillow rant is over, but I'm loving how that simple change lightened things up for summer.

(*If you'd like to try making your own pillows, check out my easy tutorial for how to make a pillow with a zipper, or, if you need a better visual, check out this fantastic video tutorial from Hobby Lobby.  Although they're similar, I actually like this method a little better than mine,  and my sister is the host!  Watch it anyway to check out her cool trick with the seam ripper...)

I made an excellent Craigslist purchase a few weeks ago, and this table was included in the deal.  I wasn't super excited about it until I realized how perfect it would be for this spot in the corner between the couch and the loveseat.  Plus, I really liked the details once I got a good look at it.

The black dresser doesn't have anything specifically for summer, but I'm loving this green tray here with the blue and white pieces and a touch of brass.

The coffee table...

and the Mantel.

You can see my brightened-up peacock mirror, a small lady-vase that I picked up 80% off at Hobby Lobby recently (she was turquoise but some glossy white paint fixed that), and I couldn't resist another Lindsay Letters piece from Hobby Lobby.

So that's it!  Just a few simple changes, clipping some outdoor greens, shopping the house and moving some things around, and we're all summer-ized.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Crane and Canopy for inviting me to design a room featuring their fabulous bedding.  This was my first time for a project like this, and it was so much fun!  You can see what I came up with here.  Don't be surprised if you see something similar around here in the future!

And, many thanks to Heather from Southern State of Mind for inviting me over to her blog yesterday for a little Q&A in her "At Home With..." series.  It's been so fun participating in her Summer Style Soiree series this summer, and I enjoyed visiting while she settles in with her darling new baby.  Thanks Heather!

Whew! That post turned out to be way longer than I anticipated.  If you made it to this point, thanks!  Remember, see you here Friday for July's Best of the Nest Party!

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Saturday, May 24, 2014


Hi friends!  I'm in for a Saturday post today.  Things got a little crazy this week as we prepared to wrap up school yesterday, so I wanted to catch you up today.

Fifth grade is the last year of Elementary school for us, and our school celebrates with a graduation ceremony.  I was responsible for decorating the gym and thought I'd share a few ideas with you.  Gyms are hard to decorate!  ;)

There is an 8x24 ft. folding partition for the backdrop.  I covered it with black butcher paper (ever tried to hang a 24' long strip of paper by yourself...straight?  It's tough!). I made some register marks with a black sharpie (didn't show afterwards) to keep things semi- lined up over such a large area.  Then, I went to town with the chalk.  I kept it on the simple side, and I like that it ended up resembling a chalkboard, even though that wasn't necessarily the plan.  That's usually how I operate.  I never can tell anyone what they can do to help, because I just add and change things and do it as I go!

One tip, if you're chalking an area that might have a chance of someone rubbing against the design, spray your design lightly with aerosol hairspray.  It will dry clear and greatly reduce the chance of smudges.  Even if it's on a real chalkboard, it will all come clean with a damp rag.

I used a variety of pre-made paper fan circles, balloons, and scrunched up colored paper to resemble flowers.  I had some glittery caps left over so I mixed some of those in too.

I have to show you this, which I stole from my friend's IG feed and it was my inspiration for the backdrop.  Mine didn't even come close, but isn't this amazing?

He's the pastor of the church with this display (if you're near Keller, TX, try out Keystone Church!).  Wouldn't that be fun to have such a fabulous photo spot for special occasion days at church? 

We also decided to designate several "photo booth" areas for family photos after graduation was over.  There were two identical with ballons, pennant and tassel banners, 

and then one with a giant likeness of our school mascot "Rascal."

Lots of fun was had by all!

Lastly, I wanted to quickly show you our teacher gifts.  One, for a creative teacher, was a pack of canvases packaged with a few brushes and a Hobby Lobby gift card.

I got another idea from a different friend's IG feed that she received as a thank-you gift... a cute acrylic pitcher filled with a kitchen towel, wooden spoon, and fresh lemons...all ready for some summer refreshment!

I know lots of you are still in school, and may even have events to prepare for yet, so I hope you've been inspired with a few ideas today.

Have a very Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  

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Thursday, May 15, 2014


Welcome to our first project of the Summer Style Soiree!  If you're new here, I'm so glad you're visiting.  Many thanks to Heather from Southern State of Mind who is the mastermind behind this little series and challenged us to create some projects through the summer inspired by four famous fashion icons.  We're starting off today with the beautiful Audrey Hepburn!

Well, my choice is no big surprise, but this image of Audrey inspired my project:

She was a lover of black and white stripes too.  She also had a number of fun quotes, and I chose a line out of this one to highlight.


I started with a thick 18" canvas that I picked up at the thrift store for a few dollars.  Cute, but I had other plans for it.  I think cashier was a little dismayed when I told her I'd be painting over it.

I knew I wanted to have some variation in the lettering, and for the emphasized words to have a colorful, abstract feel.  I started by making off the section of canvas where those words would be, and covering it with a variety of colors.  No rhyme or reason, just spots of paint.

After allowing that to fully dry, I adhered some large scrapbook stickers for the words "Happy" and "Prettiest."  Then, sprayed the entire canvas white.

After allowing for drying time again, I used Frog Tape to mark off stripes and then sprayed black.  Two striped projects in one week!

Shortly following the final coat of black, I peeled the tape and large stickers off.  The tip of an exacto knife is helpful in lifting the corners of the letters if your letters are stuck down really well.

Full disclosure if you want to try a project like this:  these stickers didn't stick very well to the canvas, so there were some messy edges.  A few touch-ups with a small brush fixed it right up.

Finally, I used these to complete the phrase.  I had planned to paint the gold lettering as well, but when I saw these stickers I decided to take the easy route for this part.  Unlike the larger letters, these DID stick well.

Just about finished, I thought it needed something more.  With Kayla's cute project fresh on my mind, I added a few thumbtacks to the edges.

When I planned this project, I had in mind to hang it in my daughter's room or bathroom as a reminder that there's no better accessory than a smile.  However, I'm not sure it will make it back there as I'm really enjoying it in the hall next to our powder bath!

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Now, we want to see what you created inspired by Audrey Hepburn.  Link up your project!

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Monday, May 12, 2014


Over the weekend I finally had a chance to get started on some yard work.  I didn't get very far, but at least got our front porch and side porch cleaned up and switched out for the season.

And, of course, there was a new project involved! Our hail storms were not kind to my favorite pots last summer, so I had several that needed to be replaced.  I was drawn to this simple, slightly modern style that I found at Ross.

And then, I decided they needed a little upgrade.

They are a very square shape except for the slight taper at the bottom, so I decided that they would be easy to stripe.  I didn't have any wide painter's tape on hand, but I had lots of Duck Tape!  I tested it to make sure it wouldn't leave a sticky residue, and then got to work taping.  I don't think I would try the Duck Tape on a more delicate surface because it involves a good amount of tugging to remove it, but it worked great for this project!

I used a couple of scrap pieces to measure the space in between lines and keep them straight.  It worked out really well.  I made sure to press down all the edges well so the lines would be crisp.

Then, I sprayed a coat of primer, followed by 2-3 coats of glossy white paint.  For a little added protection from the elements, I finished it off with a clear glossy spray sealer.

Be sure to peel the tape off as soon as you finish with your last coat.  If you let it dry with the tape on, it's more likely that you'll be peeling paint off along with the tape.

Here's a little trick I always use when planting large pots:  I use an empty container of some sort in the bottom of the pot to fill up some of the space, or packing peanuts, or a mix of both.  Then, I fill in dirt as usual.  This keeps the pot from being so heavy and cuts down on the amount of dirt needed to fill the pot.  Just FYI, I did cover those holes so dirt wouldn't sift down through them, but the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot is still functional.

I think it's the perfect mix with my more traditional urns on the front porch,

and I mixed my surviving graphic pot (also from Ross several years ago) with a larger striped pot on the side porch.

I only have one snag in my plan...after searching 7 Ross stores in our area, I could only find one that was the size I needed for the front porch.  :(  So, it's an odd arrangement right now, but I'm really hoping to come across one more some day to balance out the other.

What do you think?  A simple project with a big impact is just about one of my favorite things ever!

Linking up with: Thrifty Decor Chick

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